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Civil Society for social inclusion of unaccompanied minors in transition to adulthood – learning communities for shaping transition interfaces

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The CiSoTRA project aims to develop and implement an innovative methodology that will bridge the current gap in the support of unaccompanied minors in transition to young adulthood. The project will be based on a multi-actor cooperation.

The project activities will focus on:

(1) ensuring that unaccompanied children (from 14 years of age) will be able to develop relevant civic, social and personal competences,

(2) providing appropriate expertise to professionals working with unaccompanied children,

(3) compensating shortcomings of knowledge, particularly in critical areas like language skills of host countries, knowledge of mathematics, as well as competences needed for life and labour, and

(4) offering appropriate support to youngsters for their successful integration until (at least) the age of 25.

Within the project, the model ‘for better social inclusion’ will be developed, which could contribute to a better operation of organisations dealing with minor migrants and young adult migrants: on the one hand, by working more efficiently and avoiding overlaps in their work, and, on the other hand, by filling possible gaps with the view to cover all essential needs of target groups and to ensure a better transition to early adulthood.

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