CisoTRA project was presented in the UK



As the representatives of the European Youth Association from Ljubljana, Slovenia, we attended a study visit in the framework of the ERASMUS + Mobility of Youth Workers. The study visit titled Social Integration took place between 3.12. and 10.12. in Plymouth, England. The city has a rich migration history. Study visit focused on the particular theme and mainly consisted of … Read More

General training for professionals 2019 in Germany, Regensburg


Cisotra general training 2

On 5.11. German partner held its forth general training in cooperation with the “Workgroup Foreign Workers”, the oldest NGO on migration issues in Regensburg (since 1971). The 27 social worker, volunteers and professionals from institutions like the Youth Migration Service, Caritas and others discusssed the role of social work in the transition of youth. When arriving in new countries youth … Read More

National seminar CiSoTRA 2019 in Germany, Regensburg


Cisotra national seminar

On 7th of November CiSoTra Germany celebrated its second national seminar, The seminar was integrated to the largest conference on education issues in eastern Bavaria the “Education Conference 2019” hosted by the City Hall and County of Regensburg. The conference was attended by an expert audience of 150 stakeholders from schools, public institutions, training providers, social work and universities. The … Read More

National General Trainings – Unipegaso


Unipegaso november 2019

The cycle of meetings in presence of National General Training of European Project CiSoTRA (Civil Society for social inclusion of unaccompanied minors in transition to adulthood – learning communities for shaping transition interfaces) has been concluded. It was held at the Euro Mediterranean Centre for Lifelong Learning of UniPegaso and involved professionals and experts on the topic of unaccompanied minors. … Read More

NUCIF – European meeting in Bari October 2019


NUCIF Bari 2019

ISSBS (Nada Trunk and Valerij Dermol) participated at European meeting, organised as part of activities in NUCIF E+ project in Bari 28-29 October 2019. ISSBS presented the project and justified how the projects can contribute to the cross-border cooperation and sustainability of the society. They presented the projects JOVITAL, RoMigSc, CiSoTRA; JM chair HELM; JM modul €U … Read More

CiSoTRA at the PIConf in Malta


Piconf Malta 2019

On October 19, 2019, the recent developments of the Cisotra project have been presented by Augusto Sebastio, Centre for Legal Informatics Studies – Taranto (CSIG), Italy; Aleš Trunk, CSIG, ISSBS, Italy, Slovenia; Valerij Dermol, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS), Slovenia; at the Pegaso International Conference (PIConf) in Malta. The Conference has been organised by Pegaso International under … Read More

Sustainable inclusion of migrants into society and labour market


This report examines the different policies and initiatives for the inclusion of migrants in European labour markets and societies, with a focus on integrated approaches to migrants’ inclusion and the EU funding available to support it. The report is a result of an April 2019 conference on the sustainable inclusion of migrants into society and the labour market, organised by the … Read More

(4th) partners meeting, Slovenia, 8-9 October 2019


Cisotra project meeting

The 4th partners meeting was held in Slovenia 8-9 October 2019. The partners discussed the mid-term evaluation of EACEA and the plan for improvement the activities in the last second half of the project. As part of the project meeting the learning activitiy (study visit) was organised to Velenje. The partners attended also the final conference of the ROMIGSC, which … Read More