What measures are in place to ensure the long-term integration of migrants and refugees in Europe?


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A special European Web Site on Integration (EWSI) analysis Following the 2014–2016 sudden arrival of a large number of asylum seekers in Europe, many countries implemented measures for the integration of refugees and migrants. Several years later, EWSI asks: have countries been able to go beyond meeting migrants’ basic needs and towards their full social and economic inclusion? The new EWSI analysis looks into … Read More

Slovenian Filantropy is searching for volounteers who will be mentors to young migrants


Slovenian Filantropy is a partner in the project MINT: Mentoring for integration of children affected by migration. Migrant children and youth are especially vulnerable to social exclusion. Through the MINT project, the partners aim at empowering refugee and migrant children as well as European youth to engage in new integration activities. By using an innovative mentoring programme, the project aim … Read More

Poročilo o simpoziju spodbujanja integracije migrantov v družbo


Mirovni inštitut je 27. novembra v Slovenskem etnografskem muzeju organiziral simpozij »Spodbujanje integracije migrantov v družbo skozi njihovo vključevanje na trg dela«, na katerem je želel povezati vse pomembne akterje v Sloveniji na tem področju, od državnih/javnih institucij, nevladnih organizacij do migrantov in migrantk samih. Simpozij je bil organiziran v okviru projektov RefugeeAction III: spodbujanje integracije begunk in beguncev v družbo … Read More