International seminar with Stakeholders – discussion of the CiSoTRA Model, 30 October 2020

Cisotra meeting

On Friday, 30 October was held international seminar with stakeholders from Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Germany. The seminar was attended by 14 stakeholders and 12 staff members. The main aim of the seminar was discussion of the model. In the first part of the seminar was  presented the project CiSoTRA, and its Model for social inclusion of UAM in transition to adulthood. The second part of the seminar was devoted to discussion in four international groups on the  following main aspects: a.) stakeholders’ experiences in work with UAM and young adults; b.) the most supportive actors in the area of UAM and young adults in the country of stakeholders; c.) how stakeholders see cooperation between different actors  in their country; d.) presentation of trainings, workshops in which stakeholders participated and are considered as very useful for their work with UAM and young adults. Some main conclusions from the discussions and reporting are: All five countries involved have some good examples/practices in the area. All partners stressed importance of the role of NGOs. All stakeholders agreed that the issue of coordination is a big problem in all five countries, majority of stakeholders agreed that coordination shall be taken on municipal level (taking into consideration that good coordination between municipality and state is ensured, considering best interest of UAM and young migrants).



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