Platform: Issues Without Borders (IWB)

Issues Without Borders (IWB) is a platform which enables its members to publish their own research and blog-style articles online, as well as engage with each other through comments, discussions and even the occasional physical meet-up! The organisation also encourages members to take action and strives to host projects pushing for real change, such as our current IWB for RefugeesIWB for Refugees is our current flagship project aimed at improving the situation for refugees and asylum seekers coming to the EU, through civil society action and policy change. With the project we propose to launch a petition under the European Citizens’ Initiative with recommendations for the reform of asylum policies in the European Union. The recommendations are to be based on research from 27 country reports assessing the situation for refugees and asylum seekers, conducted by national researchers who are all volunteers and members of Issues Without Borders, and who will also take part in developing the specific recommendations.


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