Cisotra general training, Naples 19 -21 November 2018


Cisotra Project Naples November 2018

On Monday, 19 November start‎ed the first part of the general training for professionals that work with unaccompanied minor migrants (up to 18) and young adults (18- 25 years). Participants from all project partners (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany) discussed the topics with the focus on the transitional period from minor to adult. The training will be upgraded in January … Read More

Projekt CiSoTRA – vabilo na nacionalni seminar – CELJE, 25.10. 2018


Cisotra Project 4

Vljudno vas vabimo na nacionalni seminar z naslovom Socialno vključevanje migrantov  –  mladoletnikov brez spremstva ob prehodu v odraslost – vloga skupnosti, projekt CiSoTRA. Seminar je del projekta Erasmus +, KA3, – projekt CiSoTRA:  Civilna družba in socialno vključevanje mladoletnikov brez spremstva ob prehodu v odraslost – vloga učečih se skupnosti, ki poteka v obdobju 2018 – 2020. Nacionalni seminar … Read More

1st Project Meeting, Naples, Italy


CiSoTRA meeting Naples 2018

Meeting was held on 15th and 16th May. During the meeting were discussed administrative aspects of the project, findings from initial study (desk research) in the field and plan of implementation of activities in 2018. The project members participated at RoMigSc ( national seminar and some at social inclusion session organised within MakeLearn conference ( Next project meeting with some … Read More

Dissemination of the project at MakeLearn 2018, Naples


CiSoTRA - Napoli 2018 meeting

At the conference MakeLearn, at the session on Social inclusion, held on 16th May was presented the paper ‘Unaccompanied minors and their transition into adulthood – project CiSoTRA’; prepared by ISSBS, Slovenia and ISOB, Germany. Pictures from the event can be found here.